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Monday, November 13, 2006

Sibling Fun and Games

I figure I had better get this down before I even shower, so I in my robe have decided to get a few events down before I forget (like I have for the last 6 weeks).
I'm getting my clothes out for after my shower and I hear Grant say to Zoe: We are the wrestlers, who's going to throw the first punch? Zoe smiles and sayes "I AM." Then the kind of response I remember hearing as a child comes out of Grants mouth, "No Derrek is." Then Grant continued to pretend to wrestle with his friend from school. Zoe, in her 2 and a half year old younger sibling role thought it was so funny to see Grant 'air wrestle' with an imaginary person. I guess I should count myself lucky that Zoe felt included instead of methodically ousted from the game. Hey, I'm glad they are getting along!

Lately it has been a fun event for college students to take something off Zoe's plate, such as a cheeto or a grape. She is a sojourning eater, so she is not at the table at all times during a meal. Senario goes like this: While Zoe is away, someone will begin to take an item of food and announce it by calling "Zoe, I'm taking your _______" Mike and I look at eachother and whince. We know what is coming. A blood curtling scream, then a crying petite little bouncey flash of blonde hair comes zipping to her seat to give one very pouty look at the perpetrator as well as the announcement "That's MINE!!" The same person doesn't do it 2X. We are all thankful for that. You've heard it said, 'don't feed the bears' I say, 'don't take food from the girl!'

We had an episode this AM. I was being nice, fun mommy (usually a mistake) and gave the kids their hot cereal in these cool glass bowls on a pedistal. To make it Xtra special, I gave them the last of our raspberry lemonade (red drink) in some glass mugs with a pedistal. Oh so elegant. Well, as you may have seen into the future of this scenerio, the red drink in front of Grant spread itself all over the cloth chair he was on and the very carpet we were dining on. Mom doesn't respond well to this sort of thing, especially drinking her coffee. After making sure Grant knew that this was a very bad thing that has happened and projecting how long it will take to clean such an experience, he got sent to his room.

I'm cleaning, cleaning, cleaning (good mommy!) He comes down and apologizes, then let's me know he wishes he was in a different family. I affirm I understand why he might feel this way, I apologize for flying off the handle and tell him I love him. We talk about what fruit of the spirit would have been good to show during this. He says "LOVE" quite rapidly, I say "yeah and self-control and patience. Then I share why I'm glad he is in our family. He responds, "I understand how you feel Mom, but I still wish I was in a different family."

We have a lot of understanding going on in our family, but, it doesn't always change things. :)

He has since went 'swiming' with Zoe on their blue sleepingbags and made snow angels on our white love seat. He seems to be re acclaimating to the Wood family pretty well.

Well, we've had our 8th or so snow storm. The snow stays for a few days and melts and the sun comes out. So far. One day soon, It will not melt, I'm sure. That will be OK I think.

Two Montana things I may not have mentioned: No sales tax. The majority of people around the state get election day off. MSU was closed, public schools had a half day and I don't think we got the mail that day. These people are VERY serious about voting. It's pretty cool, but it suprised me.

My neighbor told me of a 'yard sale' last week that was in a very new and affluent neighborhood that ADVERTISED in the paper that everything was free. Wow!

Better shower before the day gets away from me.


  • At 7:52 PM, Blogger Lisa said…

    By the way, you can delete this "extra" post! :)

  • At 2:40 PM, Blogger Lisa said…

    Just got your Grant's letter today. How sweet! I REALLY need to get on the ball & get Nathan to send him a letter. Sorry!


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