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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Bozeman Life

Life here has been good. We are finally feeling settled for real. We got a couch, well, a futon, last week so now we can sit easy! Grant likes yardsaling. Many places have a free toy pile. Zoe doesn't like them. Too much "no touching" and not enough running free. They cramp her style. She does like the donuts we get for breakfast though!

A few East / West things I've noticed (or maybe just Bozeman) is that two weeks ago we got flyers in the mail from all the grocery stores advertising case lot sales. This happened to be the same weekend it snowed. Anyhow, we got 24 cans of mushrooms, green chilie (chile rellano casserol lives on!!!), stewed tomatos, cream of whatever soup. I guess it's going to get cold. The parking spots for on campus housing have electrical outlets in front of them to hook up heaters so your car will run in the winter (yikes!), and this is my favorite, the yardsale adds tell you what time the stuff is free. So a 7AM yardsale will advertise that everything is half off or free at say 2:00. Hey, thanks for the heads up!

One of the first things that really caught me off guard is the front page newspaper headline one day in August. "The state is on high alert." I quickly began reading to find out what terrorist activity has occured. None, thank goodness, the air quality was so bad from forest fires it hurt to breath as well as roads were being closed down due to lack of visibility.

Wednesday night meals include potato bar. . . as a meal. Speedy Gonzales is also a favorite: Fritos topped with chili, and cheese. You are free to add onions and sour cream if you want the deluxe.

Grant & Zoe's favorite thing is to run through the sprinkler (when it is warm). On the move here they started noticing sprinklers in fields in Colorado or something. Then they would yell "SPRINKLER!!!" every time they saw one. They notice when the neighbors are sprinkling their yard. I never knew how the humidiy deprived them of such fun :)

The speed limit by our house is 70 mph. Not Driftwood, but 19th, the street you turn onto Driftwood from, is 70. Where ever the speed limit is not posted, you can go that fast, Crazy!!

I always appreciated our news station in Blacksburg because it gave coverage of what different churches were doing. We usually watched on Sunday PM, so it might have been just that night, but still, it was an appreciation of the Christian culture. The newspaper covered some churches and religious topics. Sorta absent here.

Well, I started this post over a month ago, so I had better finish up so I can start a new topic next time :)


  • At 7:31 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    Very interesting to hear what's going on with you! I know you must be so busy! Thanks for sharing with us a little of what life is like out there. Try not to breathe too much on high-alert days!!

    Love you all! Give our love to Mike & the kids. Nathan & Jeremy still talk about Grant & Zoe all the time.


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