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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

2 blogs in one month- inconceivible

Every night the Grant & Zoe want to pray for Nathan, Jeremy, Derek (Zoe always makes sure he is included :) and Mr. Dan and Miss Lisa. Friends are precious near or far. Grant and Zoe argue whether Amy or Devin is going to be at the next Campus Ministry event. Zoe is sure that Daddy is running with Amy when he is not home when she wakes up in the morning.

As for here and now, the kids think maybe we are telling them stories when we say we are doing something with the students and then drive to the church building. They expect to go to campus and pick people up. The Malibu is not rigged so well for that though. The building here has many hallways with classrooms and stairs that 5 year olds can get lost in quite easily. Grant & I working together to keep him from getting 'lost'.

We have been overjoyed with the relationships that have begun being built! Students have been dropping by just to hang out. We had our first laundry taker last Tuesday night after Devo. SUPER!! We hope it continues. We have been blessed and we are eager to share the wealth.

I think Mike has grilled 3 or 4 times, but other than that I've been the meal prep person. It has been really fun. I am suprised at how much I enjoy it. I have been given another new family roll : financial person! Exciting & scarey. Pray for me. This is big and new and important!!!

The Library here is fun. The every other Friday Grant doesn't have school we go to the activity time for 3-5 year olds. I always come home with 25 + books. We love it. One Friday Grant & I got separated. The children's area is upstairs. I was looking and looking, I even started calling quite loud for him (yes, in the library even!), well he came to me from downstairs. Apparently, he looked all over downstairs and even went out to the car to look for Zoe and I. YIKES!!!! We had a huge streetsmart talk right then and there. The librarian came over & after I told her what happened she had a little talk with him. He said he thought I forgot about him. :( Quite on the contrary.

There is a second grade girl named Galina that lives down the street and rides the bus with Grant. They play on the playground together too. She has been a good friend to him. Her mom goes to the busstop in the AM also. She baked our family brownies yesterday as a welcome to the neighborhood gift. They were yummy. She goes to BSF also.

Across the street from our house is Reese. He is 4 and there is a serious magnetic attraction between Grant and Reece. His family is very kind. We had dinner at their place one day and they gave us apples from their tree. We bought a food dehydrator at one of our oh-so-many yardsales we've enjoyed. We shared some of our dried apples with them.

About 3 doors down the road is Ruby. Taxi will find any way possible to go and play at her house. Ruby's owner Peggy comes to our house weekly to return our Taxi. Ruby the black lab is always there as an escort to Taxi's return. We recently discovered that Brian, Ruby's male counterpart in ownership makes log furnature. We have not purchased a couch because we are holding out for log stuff. I don't thing there is a couch out there for under $1400.00. OUCH! Brian offered to help Mike make a couch. Hmmm, you give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish... and you have the possibility of some super coooool furnature. I'm pretty excited.

It snowed two weekends ago enough for Grant to through some snowballs. My parents got to get a precursor of the winter to come, as they were visiting that weekend (intending to visit before the weather got bad!)

We had a college retreat last weekend at Rock Haven. It was a cute little camp for our 20 campers. Our kids are (finally) getting to the age were I can participate in some of the singing AND hear the speakers. Hallelujah!! The topic was on Spiritual Intimacy with God. Excellent stuff. I was pleased to have a few focused conversations with a couple of the college girls. Something I have been longing to do, but have been unsuccessful due to motherhood. I am not anxious about it (most of the time), I pray and wait for opportunity. I am thankful opportunity came.

In BSF we are studying Romans this year. Last week we talked about how our lives before Christ as Lord is not a waste, it is all part of a path that brought us to Him as well as a preparation for what lies ahead, meaning he will use our past for his glory. I love that. I don't have to be ashamed of who I was just because I am different now. God is my strength in weakness, and not to be cliche', but he has rescued me. How can I not give Him glory for that. He did what I couldn't do. I've been chewing on that thought a bit this week.

Zoe, our beautiful little person has so much to say about everything! She gives commentary on why she did, didn't or was about to do something. She likes to read to her dolls as well as keep them in line. She pretends that she is going to Morning Star some days, that's Grant's school. Grant is quick to correct her. She askes me quite a bit who her preschool teacher is (that is her BSF preschool teacher). She says, "Is Mrs. Hanson my teacher?" "No, Zoe, that is Grant's teacher. Your teacher is Miss Bev." It is cute the ways she wants to be like Grant.

Zoe changes her clothes I don't even know how many times a day. She has lots of girl friends her age at church. There are signs of little girls on our block, but I haven't seen them yet. Whenever we go to a store she always announces at with shrill delight, "they have baby carts & car carts!" That is carts that have built in baby seats and regular shopping carts that have a car front with steering wheels. I don't think she really knows which stores have these things, she is wishfull thinking indeed. I have learned it is best not to argue with her about it.

In our quest to shop kinda local when possible, we have found that there are 7 major grocery stores here. Crazy! Even crazier, there are about 5 places to get your oil changed. I paid $35 at JiffyLube today to do that. I actually paid more because I let them do some other maintanence. Yikes! I paid $12.00 at Monroe Muffler on Wednesday (ladies day) in Blacksburg. I guess I better shop around.

Mike & I went on our first date here, last Thursday. We went shopping at a Vintage clothing store (way cool hats!) and a place called Sacks. A thrift store that is doing a word play on Sacs 5th Ave. I came home with some cool black boots. We went to a Mexican Restraunt the kids would have gone crazy in and disturbed the ambiance. Then we walked downtown to Leaf & Bean and listened to an awesome acoustic guitarist sing her own songs. We then went to the Food Co-op where they had a BLUEGRASS JAM SESSION!!!! We only stayed about 30 minutes for consideration of our babysitters, but as you may know, Mike sorta pries me out of my reserved side every so often and well, we danced to the last song. This is funny if you consider that we were pretending to clog; just like we did in Floyd, VA. But see, in Floyd, we were 'clogging' with about 30+ other cloggers that knew what they were doing. At the Co-op we were it. All three of the people in the audience waved at us as we left. I wouldn't be suprised if they were rolling on the floor laughing by the time we made it to the car :) Oh well, it was fun.

Before I go I have to tell one more Grant story: He was supposed to draw a picture of when he was little and now that he is big. For his little picture he drew me holding him, swaddled in a blanket, pooping on me!!! True story - when he was born he pooped on my stomach as the nurse was handing him to me for the first time. He LOVES that story. He used lots of different colors for his drawing and drew a rocking horse and a crib and a rattle. Very detailed. On the Big side he drew a big picture of himself, solid foods and a pair of underwear. I guess he knows what it means to be a big boy. It cracked me up. I love to see glimpses of what is going on in a childs mind!

I don't know if the blog automatically logs the date so: Sept. 26 2006!


  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger Tanya said…

    Yah! I'm glad you found your blog again and didn't forget about it :) So good to hear from you! Thanks for commenting on my blog. Sounds like the Wood family is doing well. We sure do miss you a lot! I think about you often...I really do miss my sweet Cindy friend :)

    Loved the story about Grant drawing a picture of him pooping on you when he was a baby - too funny!

    Keep up the blogging!!!!

  • At 6:10 AM, Blogger Lisa said…

    YAY! Loved it. I can't believe how busy you sound! Great stories. We miss you guys too. Hope you continue to love & enjoy your new home, & Grow!! Love you.

    I'll second Tanya's "Keep up the blogging!"


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